HADH Chemistry Laboratory Launches its Second New Analyzer

Article Date:  June 14, 2013



The HADH Laboratory is pleased to announce the addition of the second chemistry analyzer to its arsenal of state-of-the-art equipment.  In late April, the laboratory took possession of the Vitros 4600 Chemistry System.  The analyzer is designed to perform over 30 crucial blood tests, like measuring glucose, sodium, cholesterol, and many others.  This analyzer has replaced several smaller outdated instruments, but more importantly is the ability to run new tests, improve turn-around-time for results, and improve the accuracy of testing.  The 4600 is produced by Ortho Clinical Diagnostics (OCD) a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson located in Rochester, New York.


In the beginning of May, OCD provided intensive training in Rochester of two key laboratory personnel.  Charlie Cass, MLS and Brad Ellis, MLS spent a week at the training facility in New York and learned how to properly operate and maintain the analyzer.  A field technician then came to the laboratory for three weeks to help launch the new system.  As of June, the 4600 is fully operational and performing patient blood tests.  This addition is a significant upgrade that will prove to be beneficial for all patients of HADH and area clinics.      


Photo ID: Left to Right:   Charlie Cass, BSc, MLS and Karen Greeen, ASc, MLT (ASCP)