HADH Employee Wellness Program

Article Date: March 11, 2014


The above nurses showed the most improvement in weight loss, body fat percentage, and inches lost in the yearly HADH employee wellness program. Carol Turnbough won 1st place.  Carol wins a free month of personal training, a 1 year Hermann Fitness Source unlimited gym membership, and a day off with pay!!!   Megan Cook was our 2nd place winner. Megan wins a 1 year Hermann Fitness Source unlimited gym membership. Both ladies are in the HADH nursing department.   Jessica Baumhoegger from Medical Clinic of Owensville placed 3rd.  As a group, we did great this year!  We lost 36.55 feet, 112.92% body fat, and 120 pounds.  HADH is committed to helping our community and staff become healthier. It’s hard but it’s so worth it!!!