HADH Board of Directors Hold Strategic Planning Meeting

Article Date: August 4, 2014



The Board of Directors of the Hermann Area District Hospital met on July 26, 2014 in a combined strategic planning/regular meeting.  A number of critical issues were discussed, some briefly and some in-depth.  With the emergence of the Hermann Regional Economic Development Corporation (HRED), the importance of the Hospital takes a new and different perspective.  The Hospital should be positioned to accept the challenges of the future.


Discussion of these major points were:  who uses the Hospital; for what purpose, e.g., ER, X-ray, Labs,  in-patients, out-patients, surgery, rehabilitation services, etc; what is the utilization of the clinics and by whom; and can the Hospital be better advertized by print and/or  electronic means.  Another major point of discussion was the staffing of the various clinics and the role that the affiliation with Mercy Hospital plays in this staffing.  This is critical not in the long-range plans, but, more importantly, in the short-term with the departure of Dr. Talley in late October.  To meet the immediate needs of the Hospital flexibility and sharing of resources will be necessary.  Another topic of discussion was means of recouping outstanding debts owed; several options are currently being pursued.  The Board will develop a list of potential future members and Administrators for use if the need arises.  The Board also reviewed the various arrangements provided as a result of our affiliation with Mercy Hospital.  The list is extensive and growing and is a true benefit to our Hospital.  The Board feels the need to continue to work with Mercy to make us competitive in our market place.


In the regular meeting, the staff appointments and contracts were reviewed and approved.  With regret the Board accepted Randy Eikermanns resignation after 20 years of service.  The Board approved Karin Wolking to fill the unexpired term of Randy Eikermann until the next regular public election.


The general tone of the meeting was upbeat.  The Board recognizes the importance of a strong Hospital and medical staff in the future if the concepts promoted by the HRED are to succeed and prosper.