HADH Auxilliary Blood Drive

Article Date: October 14, 2013


Thanks to everyone who donated blood at The American Red Cross blood drive on October 10, 2013.  The drive was sponsored by Hermann Area District Hospital Auxiliary and held at People’s Savings Bank - Rhineland where 36 pints of blood were collected.  Each pint of blood can be divided into three components—red cells, platelets and plasma—giving our blood drive the possibility of impacting 108 lives.  While it is impossible at the time of donation to know how that specific donation will be used, there are more uses for blood than many people realize. Thanks again to those of you who gave a part of yourself to help patients in need.

A thank you goes out to the following people, businesses, and organizations; St. Ann Ladies Sodality from Church of the Risen Savior in Rhineland for providing homemade cookies.  The HADH Auxiliary members Carol Elsenraat and Betty Sharp for serving refreshments; Hermann Subway for providing lunch for the Red Cross staff and the People Saving Bank Branch in Rhineland for allowing us to hold it at their facility.
Below are the people who came out to donate. Ruth Prior, Jesse McCrae, Nancy Gleeson, Richard Jacquin, Judith LeRoy, Bob LeRoy, Ruth Schaefer, Christi Overkamp, Dwight Kohlbusch, Maggie Meyer, Anita Van Booven, Bill Fischer, Tom Fischer, Margaret Asher, Pamela York, Joan Skornia, Janet Hart, Alan Landrum, Jannette Rader, William Horn, Harold Elsenraat, Jerry Bucker, Joseph Horton, Tom Walkenbach, Mike Dicke,, Janet Weber, Vicky L. Golleher, Kay Thompson, Kara Emmons, Nick Mundwiller, Alan Speckhals, Carol Brandt, Kim Kolks, Margaret Coulter, Lynn Bucher, Jim Van Booven, Judy Mueller, Tom Worland, Chantele Watson, Jeanne Elsenraat, Janice Boswell.

Photo ID:  Valerie Johnson, Red Cross Team Supervisor, ;and Kara Emmons from  Rhineland is donor.