Mobile Meals

If you are not able to prepare a hot meal for yourself or your loved one, either on short term or long-term basis and live within the city limits of Hermann, Mobile Meals could be your answer. Meals include: Meat, starch, vegetable, salad, dessert, bread, butter, and milk or juice. You can even order 2 meals and heat one for the evening meal. Special diets can be catered to.







Mobile Meals are delivered to your home 7 days a week or as needed.  Delivery time is 12PM.


Mobile Meals are delivered within the city limits of Hermann.  If you live outside city limits and within the hospital district, please contact us and make arrangements.   Meals can be made and frozen, ready to microwave.


Meals are delivered by volunteers and cost $3.75


To Order Mobile Meals contact Dietary Department at (573) 486-2191  ext.249

Ask for Alicia or Karen!