Hermann Area District Hospital - Emergency Department



-Michael Rothermich, M.D., Physician of Hermann Area District Hospital -

Just wanted to take a minute to remind people of an incredible and often overlooked resource for the people of Gasconade county right here at our back door. Most people from Owensville, Gerald, Rosebud and the surrounding areas go to Jefferson City, Sullivan or Washington when an emergency happens. We, the Medical Staff of Hermann Area District Hospital, would like to remind you of another option: for most emergencies, our hospital can provide the same level of care, with excellent customer service and in less time. Our Emergency Department Staff of Physicians care for patients full time, and are Board Certified in Emergency Medicine.



Care at Hermann is Fast — Patients almost never have to wait to be seen in our ER, with 95% seen by a nurse within 2 minutes of arrival to make an initial assessment and check your vital signs, and an incredible 95% see one of our doctors within 10 minutes of arrival!!! That at a time when the national average ER wait is 60 minutes!!! We also try to get you back home (or if necessary into your hospital room) as soon as possible, and the average total stay in our ER is less than 2 hours, compare to the national average of greater than 4 hours.


“I am used to spending many hours at an E.R. in the St. Louis area. I could not believe how quick I was brought in to the room, sutured and x-rayed.” ~ Joe Alonzo, Hermann, MO.



Care at Hermann is Quality — Hermann Area District Hospital is a 24 bed Critical Access Hospital. We have 11 full time doctors on our medical staff including specialists in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics and general surgery, as well as 3 Nurse Practitioners and 2 Physician Assistants. Many other specialists visit our hospital on a regular basis, including a podiatrist, several cardiologists, urologist, orthopedist, gastroenterologist and oncologist.


“Although my son is autistic and not able to communicate as well as he could, the doctor and staff took the ime to listen to him and asked questions in a way he could understand. We felt totally comfortable, at ease and secure in the knowledge that our cares and concerns were being taken seriously and treated fully and quickly. Great job everyone!“ ~ Justine Horton, Hermann, MO.



Care at Hermann is Comprehensive — While we don’t have every specialist always available, last year we were able to treat 94% of the people who came to our emergency room. The 6% that needed more care than we could provide were treated and stabilized in our ER, before being rapidly transferred to the closest hospital that could care for them based on the patient’s choice.


“This is an excellent facility with the patient in mind not just a hospital but a care facility.” ~ Harold Fletcher, Morrison, MO.



Care at Hermann is Kind — Our new facility is state of the art, beautifully decorated and staffed by the most caring staff anywhere. For people recovering from severe illness or injury our very active rehabilitation department help people return home quickly and is a much better alternative to staying in a nursing home while you recover.


“I was amazed at how fast the doctor and nurses were at my side to find out my problem and to help me get relief from pain” ~ Elda Pettig, Hermann, MO.