Community Health Needs Assessment, 2014 - 2016

Over the past three years, the Hermann Area District Hospital has joined with community partners in an effort to identify and address the health needs of our community. The key community partners involved include the Gasconade County Health Department, Gasconade County R-1 School District, Messmer and Eitmann Foundation, and the Montgomery Health Department. After a great deal of research and data, the decision was made to focus on obesity. The obesity rate among our community is higher than the statewide obesity rate. Obese patients are significantly more likely to be chronically ill, and rates of chronic illness are higher among obese patients than any other population.

In order to help improve the health of our community, Hermann Hospital and its community partners implemented the plan of a wellness program called Smart Start to promote physical activity and nutrition for the adult population. Hermann Hospital and its Fitness Source worked together to create a fitness and nutrition program to promote and support the reduction of obesity among participants. Smart Start was a three month, comprehensive nutrition and wellness program guided by a personal trainer, designed to give the participants tools needed to live a healthier lifestyle, as well as to help lose unwanted weight, body fat, and inches. The program included: weekly nutrition and exercise tips, monthly measurements, homework plans, nutrition packets, and an individualized nutritional analysis. The overall results of the program was successful in helping facilitate a decrease in weight, body fat, and inches of the participants. Hermann Area District Hospital will continue working with its community partners to improve the overall health of our community members.

If any community members are interested in bettering their overall health and nutrition, this wellness program is being continued at the Fitness Source, with a new name as the Weight is Over. Please call the Fitness Source at (573) 486 – 2251 to gain further information.

For additional details of the Community Health Needs Assessment, please click HERE for the full report.

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