Choosing a facility for skilled care is an important decision.





Only you can decide which skilled care facility is right for you.  Skilled care can be part of a nursing home or a hospital. 


Skilled care is health care that is provided on a daily basis under the direction of professional nurses or rehabilitative staffs to manage, observe, and evaluate your care.  Examples of skilled care include intravenous therapy (antibiotic or other medications), physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, or wound care.  For example, an individual might need skilled care to rehab following hip surgery, knee surgery, or a stroke.  An individual with an infection requiring long term IV antibiotics might require skilled care.


The restoration potential of a patient is not the deciding factor in determining whether skilled services are needed.  A patient may need skilled services to prevent further deterioration or to preserve current capabilities.  


Medicare will cover skilled care when you meet certain conditions.  Original Medicare will cover the full cost of skilled care for days one through twenty.  From day 21 through 100, Medicare covers all but a daily copayment.  This copayment may be covered if you have chosen a Medicare Supplement.    If you have a Medicare Advantage Plan or commercial insurance, your cost would be based on the benefits offered by your plan. 


At Hermann Area District Hospital, our skilled beds are located within our hospital. Doctors are available within the facility on a daily basis and can closely monitor your progress and care.  New patient rooms were completed in April, 2008.  These spacious rooms offer handicap accessible bathrooms and showers.   For more information or to arrange a visit, call the hospital at 573-486-2191 extension 233.